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Use our "Extended Workbench" for process control or as your incoming or outgoing goods control.

We are in intensive cooperation with the technology campus Teisnach and their research group and can use a large machine park in addition to our own measuring instruments. If you would like to test the performance of our products or make investments at a later point in time, we can also carry out contract measurements and calibrations for you on site using our equipment.


Vermessen von Fertigungs- und Prüfmittel

We measure for you production and testing equipment such as

  • grinding machines
  • milling centres
  • lathes
  • Measuring equipment such as measuring tables/angle standards
  • Turntables/rotary axes
  • position uncertainty
  • Straightness, flatness
  • parallelism
  • perpendicularity
  • tilt angle progression

Lohnmessungen an Optikteilen

Contract measurements on optical parts
  • Plan measuring plates, sample glasses, mirrors
  • Prisms, wedge and plane plates, polygons
  • Image quality of lenses and objectives
  • Radius determination of spherical surfaces
  • Measurement of focal length and sectional width
  • Refractive index and dispersion measurement




Leadership behavior

The most modern, partly laser-supported technology, future-oriented software and the many years of know-how of specialists guarantee you flawless results, either as simple measurement protocols (graphics, tables) or as a calibration certificate with documentation of results.

Of course, we also support you in the interpretation of the results and in questions of further concrete measures.



Kalibrierservice Optische Mess- und Prüfmittel

Calibration Service Optical Measuring and Testing Equipment
  • Collimators and telescopes
  • autocollimators
  • goniometer pitch circles
  • focal length calibration
  • Angle calibration on prisms



Präzisionsoptik - Laseroptik

Precision optics - Laser optics
  • Design of optical systems
  • Tolerance simulation on optical systems



As a rule, we are able to carry out the necessary installation and service work ourselves and thus satisfy our customers quickly, reliably and unbureaucratically.

The applications and requirements of our customers in the fields of optics, measuring and test equipment as well as machine and plant construction have prompted us to pass on the basic knowledge of optical measuring and testing technology and general length and angle measuring technology to our customers in the form of training courses and workshops.

We carry out contract measurements and calibrations on site.

For further information please use our Contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.





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