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Trainings and Seminars

Practical training in measurement technology

"Whoever measures, measures crap" ... so that this is no longer the case in your company in the future, we offer new possibilities in education training. The seminars with workshop character are demand-meeting and practice-oriented.



Trainings and Seminars

Trainings in the field of

  • Measurement technology in general
  • Optical metrology
  • Production and test equipment monitoring
  • Technical optics in general
  • Software Training

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This is achieved through suitable further training:

  • safety in measurement technology and thus controllable tolerances
  • Shorter measurement and preference times
  • Shorter lead times due to controlled processes
  • Personal development and increased motivation of employees
  • Interdisciplinary and interdepartmental cooperation
  • optimal use of human resources



Our trainer has many years of experience in technical optics as well as in opto-mechanical measuring and testing technology and quality assurance. The didactic, methodical as well as personal and social skills have been developed over many years in intensive training courses and autodidactically.

One-year further training in conversation according to the HAKOMI method, further training in the field of humanistic psychology, presentation and moderation techniques as well as in didactics and adult education; from 1993 to 2009 employed as a lecturer at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. 2009 to 2012 Professor at the Technical University Deggendorf, Germany.






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