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Information and statements from our participants as to why HOFBAUER seminars are worthwhile (some excerpts):
Question: Which causes/problems triggered the event?
  • New purchase of an electronic autocollimator
  • Calibration of rotary tables
  • Measurement of prism angle
  • pyramidal error
  • Measurement of traverses
  • Parallelism of rolls
  • Familiarize a larger group of people with the use of the "laser interferometer" measuring device.
  • Also pass on background knowledge to the participants
Question: How do you benefit from the event?
  • Faster training of employees
  • Avoidance of errors during the training period
  • Correction of existing errors for the future (for existing devices)
  • General information from measurement technology
  • Exchange of information on measurement setups - sector-specific and non-sector-specific
  • The very special application-technical measuring problems can be represented better. This will facilitate joint dialogue in the future.
  • Flatness measurements on measuring plates Reduction
Question: What do you think is the advantage of an in-house event?
  • Trainig can be fully tailored to customer needs
  • Company-specific errors and problems can be discussed and solved on site.
  • Company-specific tasks/solutions can be worked out.
  • Reduced downtime of employees, savings on travel routes and travel costs
  • Training of the entire department -> same level of knowledge
  • inexpensive
  • Handling of existing and known measuring equipment
  • practice-oriented application
And here are some statements from our participants:
"Theory and practice were well coordinated. After the seminar, what had been learned could be put into practice without any difficulties. A 1-day seminar cannot be made more effective". Company Bodenseewerk Ger├Ątetechnik, ├ťberlingen, Germany
"The effort was worth it. The measuring accuracy is very high." Company Goetze, Friedberg, Germany
"The practical training for Deckel Maho made the event very worthwhile." Company Deckel Maho, Pfronten, Germany
"The software training was well taught." Company Johann Fischer, Aschaffenburg, Germany
"Positive overall impression" Company Egbert Reitz, Asslar, Germany
"Good and fast basic knowledge transfer to a larger group of people" Bosch Rexroth Mechatronics GmbH (formerly Deutsche Star)
"My employees were very positive about the training, fear of contact was reduced." MTU Munich
"Thank you once again for your efforts. The AKF you modified works fine. We also use it as a light source for a wavefront sensor." EADS Astrium
All participants would do the event again immediately and recommend it to others without restriction.
We would be happy to name the individual contact persons in the respective companies on request.

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