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About us
Projekt Stiftung Omnibus
When children come to a clinic in Munich in an emergency situation, they are medically well cared for. However, the parents are faced with the problem of having to find accommodation, as there are only limited admissions possibilities for them in the clinic itself. In addition, there are often great financial burdens. The Stiftung Omnibus project is an institution that offers parents of seriously ill children near the Dr. von Hauner's Children's Hospital a place to live for the duration of the children's illness and also pastoral care. One apartment became first two, then six, and in the meantime the Omnibus project has become a foundation in its own right, accommodating more than 8,100 people a year.

Projekt Stiftung Omnibus
Elterininitiative Intern 3 (Children's Cancer Ward)
The goal is to make the disease of cancer in children live longer. Due to cost savings at hospitals, support associations are facing new challenges. The parents' initiative helps to maintain medical and psychosocial care for seriously ill children and to improve their living situation. It supports needy families quickly and unbureaucratically. It maintains apartments near the clinic where parents and siblings stay overnight. It finances staff on the ward Intern 3 and contributes financially to child cancer research. It provides better equipment in the clinic (playroom, lighting, day clinic), as well as play and handicraft materials. It enables clinic parties and joint activities for children and parents.

Elterninitiative Intern 3 (Kinderkrebsstation)
Menschen für Kinder e.V.
This non-profit organisation is committed to children with long-term illnesses, with a focus on children with cancer or otherwise in need. The entire board of directors naturally works for the association on a voluntary basis. Donations are collected for the good cause in a variety of ways - from an annual charity bike tour to bike auctions - from waiving birthday presents and a corresponding donation to collections at the events of various forms organised by the association and its friends and supporters.

The funds are used to support, for example, children's clinics and children's oncology clinics throughout Germany: either in the purchase of expensive special medical equipment, support for research projects or assistance in the care of chronically ill patients in terms of rehabilitation. Targeted treatments in individual cases are promoted as well as typing campaigns in general.

Menschen für Kinder e.V.
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